Ways from the top of my head to pass out your business card

Leave one in your shopping cart.
Through conversation with your local cashiers from grocery, department stores or gas stations.
Leave one on the seat if a train or bus
Your bus stop. (Lots of people would see it)
When someone hands you their business card you can always hand them yours. A great way to get exposure and swap contact information. And you both might want each others service 🙂
Any bulletin boards around your neighborhood or stores.
On a college campus. This is key for me because I will be back at campus soon and it will be some great exposure to pin some cards to the board!

Comment to add some more helpful ways!



Candle giveaways!

Month Long Giveaways!!

Lots of excitement this month!! 31 days of giveaways! Win a brand new 20 oz Candle Gems starting on Day 1 (today Jan 1st and all odd days of the month!) AND win a 22 oz bag of Melter Gems Day 2 (tomorrow Jan 2 & all even days of the month!). 31 Giveaways!! 31 Gems!! Free ring in every bag or candle and you can pick your size!! You can select size 5,6,7,8,,,9 or 10 Enter Daily!

The Schedule:
Jan 1: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 2: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 3: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 4: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 5: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 6: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 7:20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 8: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 9: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 10: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 11: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 12: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 13: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 14: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 15: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 16: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 17: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 18: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 19: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 20: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 21: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 22: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 23: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 24: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 25: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 26: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 27: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 28: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 29: 20 oz Candle Gems
Jan 30: 22 oz Melter Gems
Jan 31: 20 oz Candle Gems

The URL’s:

To enter the Candle Gems Giveaway: http://candlegems.com

To enter the Melter Gems Giveaway: http://meltergems.com

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Are soy candles better?

Dear Yahoo!:
Are soy candles really better than wax candles?
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Nancy:
Well, if you believe the peddlers of the new-fangled votives, soy candles offer a number of benefits over traditional wax candles.According to Wicks Works, a candle retailer that sells beeswax, soy, and gel candles, soy candles last 50% longer than candles made of petroleum-based paraffin, the ingredient found in most candles. They also burn slower and cooler (helping to better distribute fragrance), are non-toxic, less likely to trigger allergies, clean up with soap and water, and produce very little soot. These factors tend to make them more animal and child-friendly than traditional candles.

Soy wax is also a favorite of environmentally conscious consumers. Made from American-grown soybeans, it’s biodegradable, a renewable resource, and from a global point of view, it “supports the U.S. economy instead of foreign oil conglomerates.”

Paraffin wax, on the other hand, is made from petroleum and produces carcinogens and soot when burned. In fact, one air quality researcher stated that the soot from a paraffin candle contains many of the same toxins produced by burning diesel fuel. Even many of the seemingly healthy, aromatherapy candles sold today can do more harm than good.

The newly popular gel candles are also petroleum-based and, though contrary to widely circulated emails, they are not likely to explode, they do pose a danger. If sufficient heat builds up, the glass container housing the candle can shatter.

Beeswax is another popular alternative to paraffin candles. It is also less likely to trigger allergies and does not produce toxins or soot when burned. It is generally more expensive than paraffin but burns longer. However, some candles labeled as beeswax may also contain paraffin.

If a candle doesn’t explicitly state it is soy on the label, it is probably a paraffin candle. Soy candles appear more opaque with a whitish film.

No matter what type of candle you burn, it’s important to remember that you are playing with fire — literally. The National Fire Protection Association offers a candle safety sheet to help you play it safe next time you want to set the mood for a romantic evening.

THIS ARTICLE CAN BE FOUND HERE : http://ask.yahoo.com/20030207.html

Just some of the reasons we should be buying Soy! Then last just as long and if not longer and less harmful 🙂 !



Some why and how’s of my business as an Independant Consultant

My Story




Welcome to my personal blog website. Here are some of the reasons I found this to be a great opportunity!


Do you love Candles and fragranced products?

Why not start your own Candle Business?


Why SoyLicious.com?


We offer the largest product selection of any Party Candle Company. Why limit yourself to just one scented wax product? Not only do we offer two sizes of tarts, we have 7 different candles, 2 sizes of room sprays, unscented candles, hand made cold process soaps made with soy oil, and tart melters.

How can I make money with SoyLicious.com?


You make 40% profit on all product you order (you make the profit as soon as you sell the product. No waiting for a commission check).


Give your website URL to your customers and get a check once a month for all online sales (40%).


Build your team and make 10% on any orders they place, plus 10% on any online orders they get.


Fundraisers: Book a fundraiser and your group gets 50% profit and you get 10% of their order (put your reorder website info on each product before delivery to increase your sales).


How much does it cost to become a SoyLicious.com Consultant?


You can join my team for only .99 cents (first month trial), and to stay active just pay your monthly membership fee of $4.99 and get all your commissions and discounts with no minimum monthly purchase. This includes your website and all the back office tools.


http://www.soylicious.com/fullofhope 🙂


10 oz candle with a wooden wick that crackles as it burns in a Golden Pineapple fragrance.


Why am I with Soylicious.com? And what is there to offer? Is Soylicious.com a scam?

I am with Soylicious.com. I love the products. We sell things such as soy bean wax candles and tart chunks that are made from two types of American grown soybeans, with natural botanical oils added to give them a great scent. We also have soy soap, room sprays, and electric tart melters. We have a few new products coming for Jan. that we are all very excited about! Soylicious.com pays out a total of 50% (40%+10% upline) on every order. The START UP cost is only .99 cents. And 4.99 a month to remain active but I make more than that a month so I don’t need to worry about it because it pays for itself. I have no minimum purchase requirements. There is Facebook discussion group to trade ideas and ask questions. We are always posting there and it’s such a positive community. We have a weekly training conference call. And I have to say that our Mentors that are absolutely wonderful. I get my own personal website with a “My Story” page, so I can tell the world about my business.
There is a Control Panel for training and consultant information, I love this feature seeing how many views a day you’ve gotten with all the information you need.
An Affiliate Panel to track commissions and watch your team grow.
And there is Online E-Parties available!
I have searched a lot of companies and done a lot of things. This is one that I’m proud to be apart of. I do a few other things here and there but this company gives me great vibes and I like what I do.

My favorite product is probably our Melter Gems! There is a ring in each bag valued at $10 to $1000 dollars. Oh and the Elementals line!


AND NOOOO soylicious.com is NOT a scam!