Very BAD day. Need a vent!

So here it goes……

Last night I was up until 5AM with my four year old daughter who is soon to be the big five March 6th. She was up crying and screaming several times through the night complaining of war pain. She would cry and scream. Finally around 4:30 AM I was able to give her more motrin and pressed a warm cloth on her ear. she had finally fallen asleep. i set my alarm for 7 because my husband was having chest pains which was most likely anxiety. so I needed to get both of them into the doctor. Our uncle had a triple bypass a week ago. Since then he’s been in the hospital since the day after Martin Luther King day. Morning came and I was able to book them in for a 3:00 PM appointment. The next thing I knew my husband had informed me that our uncle had fluid and they couldn’t take the tube out until they found out was wrong be a use his lungs could collapse. That’s when I started having panic attacks. Mind you after he had his surgery and we knew everything was okay we got to have some peace of mind. We love him very much and would never dream of anything happening to him as he is only 55 years old. Well at 11 pm that same night of the surgery he had to be rushed back and opened back up because of some kind of drainage issue. Nobody even called our family. Well he ended up getting the problem fixed and was back in his room. A few days after being in the ICU they found out he was allergic to the blood thinners he was on. So they changed it and monitored him. Well, back to where I was…. I was talking about how today they found leakage. So I started crying throughout the day. Also my daughters ear ache was not making it any better. Next thing you know around noon she start throwing up. She had just gotten over a virus and has been throwing up and sick as heck! So of course I cleaned her up while balling because I just felt like I was losing it. After that I started to make my husband nervous and upset. He refused to go to the dr because he felt he needed to be with our uncle. Which I understood completely. So he takes off to the hospital and I call my mom hysterically crying. We talked for a bit and she calmed me down. I felt shaky and sick so I asked my little brother who is 22 to go with me and I told him I would pick him up. I get Emma all packed up and we proceeded to drive to my brothers then to the doctor. Well we didn’t even make it to the doctor because my car broke down!!!! Mind you it’s really cold here in Saint Louis today. So of course my phone was going dead. The last thing I wanted to do was call my husband and get him upset. So I called my brother and my neighbor. They both showed up at the same time. My neighbor Janet brought me some jumper cables and made side I was okay and went on her way. We tried to jump my car and nothing happened. I was trying to stay calm for Emma but it was impossible. I loaded her up in Shane’s car and left my car there and we got her to the doctor. We got in pretty quick. Emma was checked by the nurse and we told the nurse what was going on. Of course the doctor walks in and asks what was wrong and I started balling !!!! I vented and told her what was happening today. She gave me three kolonopin to take to calm my “nerves”. However I was so proud of my little Emma Lynn. She told the doctor everything that was going on with her. I was amazed and I had actually smiled for the first time today. I was proud of her and I let her know that. Well the doctor looked in her ears and said there was major exposure and it was a chronic ear infection and the amoxicillin must have not helped 😦 Now she is on another antibiotic called Sulrax twice daily and has to take it with yoghurt or she could develop a yeast infection. That only made me worse bc she informed me that when I come back in on Thursday that if its not better we might talk about tubes. WHAT!!!!! She’s only had two ear infections since she was born. That blew my mind. The medicine she gave me clearly calmed me down but I’m praying this helps her. Also I’m giving her a double dose of Motrin because her pain is pretty harsh. I’m lucky to have a caring family. Thanks to my uncles Donnie and Kevin they came to get my keys and had my car towed back to my house for me and picked up my daughters medicine. Mine as well which was kind of embarrassing as its anxiety medicine for the next few weeks :/. My brother treated me to pizza and we got warm and he stayed with us for a while. Now here it is 11 pm and I had to take a break from writing this so I could put heat next to her ear because she’s in pain again. If you read this please pray for us. Ill post an update tomorrow. I’d like to thank the people that helped me today —— my mom, my brother Shane, my uncles Kevin and Donnie, and my neighbor Janet. Thanks guys I love you. And to my soylicious family I’m sorry I haven’t been on to brainstorm and share ideas. Oh!!! And thanks to Maryanne for always trying to keep my spirits high.

Remember to always treat people the way you want to be treated.

Have love hope and faith in your life.

This has just been one of those really really really low days for me.

Thanks everyone for listening to my rant. Oh how I feel a little better 🙂



2 thoughts on “Very BAD day. Need a vent!

  1. hey thats what best friends are for and will always support you dont give up things can be crazy but, as long you got people supporting u and ur family and cares and love you very much just remember spport and caring and being there for each other that what the most thing counts and love you 2 sweetie

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