Some why and how’s of my business as an Independant Consultant

My Story




Welcome to my personal blog website. Here are some of the reasons I found this to be a great opportunity!


Do you love Candles and fragranced products?

Why not start your own Candle Business?




We offer the largest product selection of any Party Candle Company. Why limit yourself to just one scented wax product? Not only do we offer two sizes of tarts, we have 7 different candles, 2 sizes of room sprays, unscented candles, hand made cold process soaps made with soy oil, and tart melters.

How can I make money with


You make 40% profit on all product you order (you make the profit as soon as you sell the product. No waiting for a commission check).


Give your website URL to your customers and get a check once a month for all online sales (40%).


Build your team and make 10% on any orders they place, plus 10% on any online orders they get.


Fundraisers: Book a fundraiser and your group gets 50% profit and you get 10% of their order (put your reorder website info on each product before delivery to increase your sales).


How much does it cost to become a Consultant?


You can join my team for only .99 cents (first month trial), and to stay active just pay your monthly membership fee of $4.99 and get all your commissions and discounts with no minimum monthly purchase. This includes your website and all the back office tools. 🙂


10 oz candle with a wooden wick that crackles as it burns in a Golden Pineapple fragrance.



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